My experience of “Touch the Hem of His Garment” 1st September 2012

Nothing could have prepared me for this day. I was invited by my employer to this women’s prayer function. God bless her because this was a life-changing experience for me.

My name is Annatolia Hove and I always considered myself a Christian, but what I realized that day was I had been fooling myself for along time. Inside my heart there was a great emptiness nobody could fill, until on the lst September when Jesus really entered my life.

A lot of things about Christian life were revealed to me on this day.

From the speakers who gave testimonies, I realized that life was the same despite race, creed or colour. What was needed was to let Jesus rule one’s life.

I never knew that growing up with whole set of parents and having brothers and sister, aunts, uncles and nephew and nieces around you was a blessings.

I just took it for granted, never thanking God for it until I hear Roseanne’s life experience with grief and bereavement.

Monique’s speech and testimony also touched the very core of my heart. I have been separated from my husband for 2 years now and we had three children together. Before hearing Monique’s testimony I was so lost, confused and directionless. I through having those 3 children was a burden, because I cannot provide adequately for them. But when I heard about this woman’s struggle to have a baby and her subsequent divorce, I knew instantly that I was blessed – and my opinion and view of life changed.

I had to thank God with what I have, 3 beautiful healthy babies. I used to regret having these babies; but now, never again.

Before “Touch the Hem” my life was shrouded in anger, bitterness and unforgiveness that morning when they gave us the rice paper and explained to us to write all the people we need to forgive us, and us to forgive them, then confess all our sins to God.

It was if the speaker was speaking directly to me, when she said “punishing the person who hurt you is not your job. You shouldn’t revenge, nor justify yourself. Forgive and forget.” That’s the way I was living my life. I was full of unforgiveness.

I wrote two full papers because I had so much hate and bitterness. The amazing thing is, as soon as I put my paper in water, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I confessed everything and recommitted myself to the Lord.

Now I have stopped keeping records of wrongs and started seeking restoration of all my relationships. I am happy now, for my name was really hanged and I am no longer wounded, outcast or lonely. My wounds are healing. I have a friend in Jesus and also peace of mind and soul. (Isaiah 26:3).

I pray to God to always help me stick to my new name.

The “Fathers love letter” really was the icing on the cake, for when I read it I felt I have never really known Jesus. He opened my eyes. He is the father I could ever want.

I shared my “Touch the Hem” experience with my friends and relatives. Then I made photocopies of the Fathers love letter. After reading it we all decided for us to pray as women. A prayer group was formed and we meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights to pray and read the bible. My life is full of happiness and laughter now. I have healthy, wonderful and meaningful relationships with my family now. Some even ask me what happened to make me so happy. I say “Jesus happened”.

Thank you to “Touch the Hem”. I am saved. May faith was restored and my life is meaningful.

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  1. awesome testimony my friend ( it was great to sit next to you and share the day with you ) I noticed a great change in you by the end of the day – you were joyful and you were really participating in the worship. May the Lord continue to direct your life and may your strength and purpose come from Him alone.

  2. I have met Anna and all I can say is that: ” Jesus sees who you are Anna, and Jesus loves you and so do I” Priscilla

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