Another Step Towards Healing

Another step towards healing

I know you are aware of just how thankful I am for the opportunity on Saturday. Due to this event I will be facilitating our NA Meeting on Thursday, where I can share with other addicts in recovery how great our GOD is. Most of them is none believers, but my therapist just informed me that I will be allowed to speak to them, directly about God on Thursday.

You know one thing about addicts, whether still using or recovering is that they get labelled for life and pushed out of society. The reason why Saturday overwhelmed me is because I was accepted by the community with love. I was so overwhelmed during lunch hour that I could find no other place than the bathroom to be alone for just 5 minutes to cry before the Lord for His grace and mercy, He had shown me.

Also attending this event was yet another step towards my own healing in the sense of forgiveness. Saturday was the biggest event in my life, and you know the strange about it, is it was a joyful experience to share God. Nothing in life had ever given me so much joy!

I just needed to share this with you. You were right about always pretending to be fine. Just before you contacted me, I was falling into depression. I had almost lost my perspective in life again. The folks I stay with prayed with me and anointed my room. While praying the woman had some kind of a vision. She drew a picture for me about what she saw, but none of us could make any sense of it.

After I spoke on Saturday, it struck me between the eyes. The background of the stage was the picture she had drawn. The only thing we could make out of the picture was a square white block, with a tear in it in the middle running bottom to top and not from top to bottom like it normally would. If you remember the decor of the stage, that was exactly it. There was a white curtain hanging and a purple cloth from the floor to the middle of the curtain. I am still not sure what it meant, but I knew I was at the right place at the right time.

Please know that I will be praying for TOUCH THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT Ministries. Thank you once again, for allowing God’s favor in my life.

Many blessings

Love in Christ

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