Song of Songs 4:1 How beautiful you are my beloved, how beautiful.

A prophetic love letter, written by one of our BMC members to the ladies who attended touch the Hem on 2nd June.

An Invitation – Come

My dearest Daughter, As you come this day with yearning in your heart
For healing, peace and joy that only I can give,
Ignore the crowds,
Lay aside the pressures of your life, the hurts
And anguished memories you carry
And place them at My feet.

Look only at Me.

Look deep into My eyes
For they are full of love for you.
Reach out your hand and touch not just My hem
As your sister did so many years ago,
But take My hand and feel My love for you.
It washes through you, gently,
Like a wave rippling on the sand.
It washes through you, gathering
The hurt, the pain, the trouble, and surrounding them
With Life-giving water,
Living water,
That caresses you and melts the pain away.

My Daughter, Beloved, I am so full of joy
That you have heard My voice and come here today.
I have such great plans for you
And I am eager to share them with you.
Will you open your heart and mind, your eyes and ears
To hear and see what your future holds?
For it is a future full of hope
A future that stretches before you in light and victory.
Will you take my outstretched hand – see it is before you
And come to dance with Me
Through the pattern of your life I have designed for you?
Can you hear the rhythm?  It is the beat of your heart
And Mine, in tune with each other.
Come, I am here for you and I long to share
The dance of your life with you.

Come, as we journey through this day together
Do not be afraid – for Love awaits you.
Come my Beloved Daughter,

Mandy Hackland – 30.5.2012