Love Poem Brakenhurst 1st Sept 2012


Come dance with me O Holy One
The lover of my soul
And whisper breath of sacred love
From brokenness to whole

I run to my beloved groom
Amidst the rising fear
Your hand outstretched in tenderness
And brush away the tear

Rejoice, rejoice I hear you say
In glorious tumult
In ignorance and waters deep
Upon the sea of doubt

Your stance it never wavers
The lover of my soul
You anchor deep my aching heart
And never let me go
As mother Eagle in the storm
You stretch your pinions out
You pluck me from the darkest place
I am your victory shout

Perchance when I lose sight of You
I feel the shadows come
You gently draw me in again
Beloved blessed one.

Of crystal waters from the throne
Your Glory shines forever
Upon the trees with healing leaves
You bathe me in Your river.

Oh healing, saving, guiding One
In You there is no other
My lifted hands, my heart exalts
My God, my Heavenly Father

Written by Pat Knight