The power of forgiveness

“And there I always thought forgiveness set only the forgiver free!”

About 8 years ago at a Touch The Hem event my mom took her packet of “forgiveness” biscuits to my Dad who was then her ex husband. With the help of Jesus she totally forgave my dad for his heavy drinking and the effect this had on their bad marriage. When I visited my Dad months later he told me he hadn’t drunk alcohol in months as he no longer enjoyed it. When sharing how my parents after a 30 year divorce could finally be comfortable around one another, a lady indicated that it was my mom’s forgiveness of my Dad which enabled the Holy Spirit to set my Dad free from his alcohol abuse!

What’s in a name?

Touch the Hem is a very VERY busy day, but oh how wonderful to be of service to others in the name of our Lord!. As an usher most of my day was spent handing out and collecting various bits of paper, many on which ladies had written their most heartfelt requests for prayer, but some which were to be used exclusively for forgiveness. The forgiveness slips, made from rice paper and quite fragile, easily dissolve in hot water, making a wonderful demonstration of how the Lord wipes away our sins and thus enabling us to forgive others. Ah, the great joy of starting with a clean slate!

Ushering, as I was, I had neither the time nor inclination to write down my prayer requests, despite having a burning issue on my heart. I did however manage to record two names on a forgiveness slip which I had tucked safely into my pocket earlier that day. When the time came to bring our slips to the bowls of hot water, I was unable to leave my post. After countless lost opportunities, and when the window  was almost closed, I stopped a perfect stranger, an elderly lady, and asked her if she would please be so kind as to include my forgiveness slip when she placed her own into the bowl. She smiled at me and agreed.

A little while later, when the moment seemed opportune, I went to where the lady was seated, to thank her for her kindness. It was then that I noticed her name tag, lying on the vacant seat beside her.
She shared the exact same surname as the two people whose names I had recorded on my forgiveness slip.

What, you may be wondering, was the forgiveness for?
I had asked the Lord to help me forgive the two people who could have, but failed to protect me from sexual abuse as a child.
I know with certainty that the Lord heard me. My parents are forgiven!!

Two in One

On the day of Touch the Hem I was allocated the truly delightful job of receiving the oyster shells from the ladies and in return handing them a beautiful shiny pearl, which would represent the way the Lord turns our sorrows into treasures of healing.

About halfway through the process a lady approached me with a very bewildered look on her face. I smiled and asked if she was okay.
She then explained that she is one part of a set of twin sisters. Her sister had agreed to attend Touch the Hem with her and plans had been made accordingly, but at the last moment her sister had been unable to make the journey.

I smiled gently as I came to understand what had been troubling the lady, but she didn’t look any better for having shared her story. Still wearing her confused expression the lady handed me her shell and waited for her pearl. As I turned it over I noticed that the shell had two segments, as though from a set of twin oysters. It had now become obvious that the lady had noticed the twin shell and her eyes welled up with tears as her confusion turned to understanding. The Holy Spirit had made provision! ( this was the only twin oyster shell that was packed for the day!)
Needless to say, the lady received two pearls – one for herself and the other for her Sister.

Touch The Hem – Testimony

I have attended many women day events and I found Touch the hem to be the one that has touched me the most. I was overwhelmed by the vibrant fullness of the programme and I loved the creativity. Dancing with flags, praise and worship was so beautifully and creatively expressed, I was very aware the whole day that God is our Master and our Creator!  I felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and I loved the speakers who gave their testimonies. The courage they had to share their stories could have only come from God. The restoration of their lives showed us what God can do under any circumstances! Praise God!

“Words cannot adequately describe what this day does for me. In our hectic lives every woman must to take a day for herself to recharge. Touch the Hem is such a day, it is a day where I can cut the world out, and just come into the presence of the Lord. Just me, Jesus and other sisters in Christ. When a large group of women worship together, I always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit enfold me. The beauty of dancing before the Lord is so soothing. Thank you to all the ladies that give so much of themselves. The touching testimonies are truly inspiring, and just again confirms how good God is. When I bring my troubles to God on this day, I feel the healing taking place. I leave refresh, renewed and filled up again. It is a day I look forward to each year. Every woman owes it to herself, to take this day, to Touch the Hem of His garment and feel the healing power of God.”

My Experience at Touch The Hem

Nothing could have prepared me for this day. I was invited by my employer to this women’s prayer function. God bless her because this was a life-changing experience for me.

My name is Annatolia Hove and I always considered myself a Christian, but what I realized that day was I had been fooling myself for along time. Inside my heart there was a great emptiness nobody could fill, until on the lst September when Jesus really entered my life.

A lot of things about Christian life were revealed to me on this day.

From the speakers who gave testimonies, I realized that life was the same despite race, creed or colour. What was needed was to let Jesus rule one’s life. Read More–>>>

God Has Healed My Heart

This past Sunday another lady and I were sharing in the foyer of this Church. We were rather emotional. One of the Touch the Hem Team noticed and asked if she could pray for us. I shared with her my journey into loss. I stand before you today because of that God encounter. She had just been praying on the way to Church for God to show her who to approach to share on the deep journey of loss and so it is by Gods invitation that I share my story with you today.  Read More –>>>

To The Touch The Hem Team

I want to say thank you for the wonderful work that you do. You provide women with the tools to communicate with their awesome God. The meditation session was awesome. I have never been able to quieten my mind and concentrate and focus on what God has to say. What a moment I had on Saturday. I was able to immerse myself completely in the Lord and for the very first time hear him and absolutely feel him . What a fantastic tool I now have to use… Thank you for helping me touch the hem of his garment . I look forward to next year. Blessings to your team.


To God Be The Glory

I thank God 4 the encounter I had this past weekend. I won’t forget it, and this message has encouraged me to be faithful to my forgiveness, promise. Thank you!


My Pain Is Gone

My prayer that my physical pain in my heart be healed was answered. Thank you Jesus.
Faithfully, Gail


Glory And Healing

This was the Best and Most Blessed event in a long time, thank you for all the Glory and Healing I received on Saturday.


Another Step Towards Healing

I know you are aware of just how thankful I am for the opportunity on Saturday. Due to this event I will be facilitating our NA Meeting on Thursday, where I can share with other addicts in recovery how great our GOD is. Most of them is none believers, but my therapist just informed me that I will be allowed to speak to them, directly about God on Thursday.

You know one thing about addicts, whether still using or recovering is that they get labelled for life and pushed out of society. Read More –>>>

Baking to Heal The Hurt

I would like to share with you how a pack of cookies helped to bring tremendous healing through forgiveness. I was given a pack of cookies at the Touch The Hem that was held at BMC last year. The instructions said I was not to eat them but they had to be given to someone I wish to forgive. Sitting there on that day I remembered someone that had hurt me deeply and caused my family much pain, embarrassment and even anger.This was over thirty years ago! We were going to be married happy in love and excited, then two months before the wedding he disappeared. Read More –>>>