Baking To Heal The Hurt

The healing that comes with forgiveness

I would like to share with you how a pack of cookies helped to bring tremendous healing through forgiveness. I was given a pack of cookies at the Touch The Hem that was held at BMC last year. The instructions said I was not to eat them but they had to be given to someone I wish to forgive. Sitting there on that day I remembered someone that had hurt me deeply and caused my family much pain, embarrassment and even anger.This was over thirty years ago! We were going to be married happy in love and excited, then two months before the wedding he disappeared. Gone without a word. No one, not his family or friends knew where to…
Thinking about it made me realize that I had never really forgiven him, I had put him out of my mind and shut that door. Never giving him another thought in all the years until that day at BMC over 30 years later.
Wounds were reopened because I had not forgiven…

Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.You’d think that someone that comes from a family of 4 sisters and a mom would get all the support from them? No they were overwhelmed and afraid for me and themselves. I could not even get them to talk about it
In desperate need for support and to share my fears and concerns with someone I turned to the Internet.
I found a group of of wonderful people some who were suffers and others who had lost loved ones to this disease. Here I found the support I so needed from people who knew first hand what I was going through.

God in his wisdom through this group put in my path a man who would have a great influence in my faith and worship at BMC.
This man offered to sponsor me, in other words he would be my support, he would keep in touch by text email, he would even call me on the days I would go for chemo treatment.
It was during one of his calls that I shared with me my unhappiness at not getting any support and spiritual fulfillment from the church I attended at the time. He suggested I find a Methodist church close by me and try it out. He shared his story of how he had found great support and over came his addiction to alcohol which had caused him the loss of his family and future wife at the Methodist church he belonged to…. I too wanted to belong somewhere.
The very next Sunday my husband and I attended a service at a Methodist church, we have been members since! Thank You Jesus.
Now you might wonder why I am telling you about a man I only knew as T? We never talked about personal staff like where is is or what he did. He never asked me either.
We all know that God has a plan for each of us right? Well God had a big plan for me……
The day after Touch The Hem I started looking for the man that had hurt me, I googled him on the Internet and the first try found him and all the details I needed to send him the cookies.
I packed the cookies with a Forgiveness note I had written plus a photo of me (in case he did not remember me, you know how men seem to forget things conveniently?) photos of my husband children and grandchildren…. To say…See I am healed now I forgive you!!
Two weeks later I received a note that read ” Louise you have given me the best gift of my life, longed and prayed for forgiveness and understanding. Evil in the form of alcohol took over my life making me weak and too proud to confess my addition. I ran away instead but you know I could never run for my Creator God my loving father. I tried years later to find you to beg your forgiveness without success. I have prayed and lived for this moment.Thank you for blessing me with the gift of forgiveness, I can finally start living my life as a healed person. God Bless you….Tim

P/S the cookies were like manna from heaven to a starving man! Bless the hands that made them. Yours in Christ. T
Later in the week, filled with the lightness that comes when a huge load is taken from you. I sent my Internet cancer support team and my sponsor a “thank you note” with the photos I had sent to America.

The reply I got from my sponsor that same day got me on my knees thanking This Wonderful Awesome God I love so much for the many graces he bestows on me!
Remember when I said God had a big plan for me??

The man that became my sponsor and support, the man that prayed for me to be healed who led me to my spiritual fulfills, the man who shared with me how he had lost his family and the woman he loved due to his addiction to alcohol? The man who would call me in my deepest darkest time to assure me that God is with me he will never leave me….That man was one and the same man that I had sent the cookies of Forgiveness too!

Neither of us knew anything about the other except the Father……God has a healing plan through forgiveness!

It has been a long road I still have my struggles, a year ago my husband was retrenched for the second time in two years, it has not been easy but we both have reached out for help. We have a huge support at BMC and I urge you to reach out too, there is hope for us all.You have head from the other speakers…

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