Warm Greetings to you!

I has been a while since we have sent out this newsletter to you. Last year many of the team were busy with work and personal matters that needed their attention.

This year we have regrouped and were blessed to begin the year with Touch the Hem in East London in.

We have been blessed with a couple of newcomers to the core team and we welcome them aboard and trust that they will enjoy their journey with us this year and hopefully in the years to come.

We thank Daphne, Norma and their team for the excellent stewardship of this ministry and were truly blessed to see the Father’s heart as the Holy Spirit ministered into the need of each precious woman who attended the day.

Thank you to the leadership of Greenfield Methodist Church who opened their doors and were willing to host the day. The men were in attendance as usual and their ministry through prayer and service on the day was much appreciated.

We praise the Lord for the ladies who came forward to received His healing touch and for those who received Jesus and their Lord and Saviour on the day.

A prayer network through Whatsapp was begun and each lady continues to be uplifted and prayed for who attended the day. We know in our hearts that the work that our gracious heavenly Father began in their lives will be brought to completion in due time and season.

Herewith is feedback from Daphne regarding the day. We hope it will encourage our

Prayer partners to continue to prayerfully support these special day of prayr and healing that take place in various parts of the country.



Shalom in the name of Jesus.

What I am going to share with you now very briefly was not on the Agenda for today, but as we are coming to know more and more, the Holy Spirit has His own agenda and specialises in taking us to the deep end so that we can learn to swim.

I was sharing with Pat yesterday about how I had been touched by TTH in 2014 which was the first time that we hosted it in this church. The gentleness and the humility that was so prevalent really spoke very deeply into my spirit – I was set free on that day to be totally me, with my many flaws and imperfections, but still loved by my heavenly Father.

However, I was still held back by my insecurities stemming from my childhood. Always feeling not quite good enough – always standing back in the shadows and not taking hold of my spot in the sunshine. Mostly I felt that everybody could do things far better than I could – so although I may appear to be confident, I am not really. Well, I am getting better.

I have always loved to do tapestry and embroidery and I have often thought of the tapestry that God is weaving with humanity from the dawn of time throughout the ages.

And it is through this very tapestry that God spoke to me. But please listen very carefully because He was speaking to each and every one of you.

Some time ago, I had a very vivid dream and in this dream was a beautiful tapestry of daisies and sunflowers – my favourites – there were many beautiful colours – from dark browns and blacks to white and the glorious gold of the sunflowers. This came at a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable and my self-confidence was at its lowest ebb.

And then God spoke to me in my dream and He said: Daphne, without you this tapestry is incomplete. See the dark threads – these are the places where you have hidden from the hurt and heartache and I wove them in so that you would see that I have led you from those dark places into my glorious sunlight.

See the pure white and yellow of the daisies and the glorious gold of the sunflowers. This is the sunshine I have led you to.”

I did not share this with anyone, because once again I had the sense that people would be sceptical and say “Why does God only talk to her?”

Well actually, He wasn’t only talking to me – He was talking to each and every one of you.

So please, please listen to Him with all your heart and believe Him when He tells you that the tapestry is not complete without you.

Turn to each other – look into each other’s hearts and say – The Body of Christ is not complete without you.

You are important, you matter, and your life makes a difference.

You are gifted, talented, uniquely beautiful and completely loved by God.

Believe it because it is true.


Thank you Daphne!



We are at the moment preparing for another day which will be held on Saturday June 25th this year at BMC Johannesburg. Gill will be heading up the team once again this year.

At the beginning of this year we sensed the Lord was saying that He was about to do a new thing.

Our desire is to align ourselves with His plans and purposes for this life-changing ministry and have begun to make some necessary changes with the programme and the agenda for this day.

We will be also connecting with Marlene and her team from Eldorado Park who are looking to hold their day in August. Please pray for God;s blessing and favour as we meet with them for vision casting and in seeking God’s heart for their community.

Eldorado Park is one of many townships situated in Soweto and we look forward to networking and walking alongside the women in this community.

Our prayer of thanksgiving for you, our prayer partners is from Colossians 1:2b – 4


May God our Father give you grace and peace.

We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for we have heard that you trust in Christ Jesus and that you love all of God’s people.

May you be held close to the Father’s heart in this time and season of your lives.


Till next time,

Touch the Hem Team.