Warm Greetings to you!

We joyfully and thankfully share with all our prayer partners some of the testimonies and praise report received from some of the ladies that attended Touch the Hem on the 20th June 2015.

We were hosted by Bryanston Methodist Church and we praise and thank the Lord for their hospitality and the support that we received from the leadership and staff that helped to make the day the success that it was.

Our thanks go to Gill and her amazing team of ladies from New Life who were so diligent and faithful in their loving service to the Lord and to the mandate given to the ministry. They simply extended an invitation to the women of our nation to come just as they are to touch the hem of the garment of Christ the Healer.

We are also most grateful to the churches that so graciously opened their hearts and their doors for the invitations to go out to their communities.

Thank you!


And they came! The sanctuary was packed full. Ladies came from the North the South, the East and the West. New friendships were made and old ones were cemented as we gathered together to meet with Jesus.

As we journeyed together in praise and worship, in the expression of dance, meditations and listening to the testimonies of God’s healing power there was a time of personal and intimate response from all those seated in the sanctuary.

As we began to sing “Healing Rain is falling down, healing rain is falling down, I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid” we were blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit moving across the room touching those in need and bringing release
and deliverance. The Living Word, Christ the Healer walked amongst us.
Thank You Jesus! We give you all the glory, power and praise.

The day ended with praise, worship and dance in celebration of the goodness of the Lord seen in the land of the living. We are truly humbled by His goodness, graciousness, love and mercy.


Join us in praising the Lord according to

Psalm 117. Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol Him all you peoples. For great is His love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!

We are blessed and privileged to be celebrating Touch the Hem of His Garment on Saturday the 8th August in Dobsonville and would ask for your continued prayer for this very special day.

To you, our prayer partners our prayer comes from Zephaniah 3:20. It is a message of hope of a new day and time and season of Gods blessing and favor upon your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

At that time, I will gather you;
At that time I will bring you home.
I will give you honor and praise among the
people of the earth when I restore your fortunes
before your very eyes.

Until next time,

Touch the Hem Team.


Herewith some of the testimonies of those ladies who attended the day.

Touch the Hem was so incredible, emotional and beautiful and full of God's amazing grace and love! His Presence was tangible and the anointing of the Holy Spirit flowed through every activity!

My emotions were so stirred by the dances. God spoke to my heart big time through the dancing. There was such an anointing and an intimate presence of the Holy Spirit while
they danced, evoking such a sense of authenticity in the moment.

The testimonies were tear-jerking, healing and filled with wonder at how our Father heals, restores, provides and just loves on us way beyond anything we could ever begin to imagine or ask!

Thank you for a wonderful Ladies Conference. It was so well organized and you had some excellent speakers. I loved the worship! I see worship as the most important aspect of any gathering in the Lord's name. You allowed time for us to really worship and I loved that.

I was very touched by the message on forgiveness. I thought I was fine and had no unforgiveness in my heart, but the Holy Spirit brought something to mind from my very early childhood that I did not even know was there. I was able to go to someone at the conference and ask her to pray for me. Amazing how God uses an event out of the blue to bring healing, and that is the very essence of "Touch the Hem of His Garment."
May our Lord Jesus continue to guide you and your team, as you give Him the glory for His healing.

A rare opportunity was created in a holy place where we could truly praise, worship, share and heal without the fear of prejudice. A safe place at the feet of the cross to just be held in the loving arms of our Comforter. His presence was tangible and almost overwhelming. It was a gentle reminder that we were not the only ones with struggles and pain but also a reminder that we are never alone.

To be completely honest…..At the time I really just wanted to turn and run – it is easier to keep the walls up!
But it was a God appointed day - and I am forever grateful!
For the first time I realised how important our testimony is, there is always someone out there who needs to hear your story.

I experienced a deep sense of elation and joy at this Touch the Hem. The praise and thanks given to God far exceeded previous events where much pain was expressed. The cup of healing and happiness overflowed.

An incredible day with powerful testimonies from real women and a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.
The testimonies really touched women who have had similar hardships in their own lives, giving hope and opening a way for God to work & minister His healing power.
Just beautiful; a time of true healing, hope and love in Jesus!

Thank you to you and all the precious team, guys included for an awesome day of ministry!

Note written by one of the Guys:

Thank you very much for inviting me to Touch the Hem.

It was an experience that I think will shape our lives going forward. When one confronts the raw side of what it means to be a woman or a man, its almost like seeing something that you can never forget, its etched into us now. Like Jesus carving His words onto a tree. It imprints itself as a part of your design and one cannot ignore that fact that you are starting at the truth, in the face. Not the men and woman that we parade around, but if you peek behind the curtain, you see people for they really are. That changes you!

A lot of the prayer requests that we received really touched my heart and motivated me to be a better man for those around me.

You can’t really put a price on that…